Have You Inspected Your Mobile Website?

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Brian Pasch

Brian Pasch

Founder of PCG Companies, Author, Keynote Speaker

As I am putting the final touches on my upcoming book “Swimming lotto with Digital Sharks” and writing about mobile applications, I stumbled across a dealership website that represents many cheap jerseys that I have viewed over the past year. This dealership example is not uncommon; I’m not pointing fingers at just one dealership mobile website.

It’s almost 2017, damn it! It’s time for automotive dealers to create a better consumer experience online when a consumer chooses to use their smartphone. Take a minute to watch this video. Then, inspect your own mobile shopping experience. How did you do?

Then, ask a non-automotive friend to shop for a car and get a trade-in quote on their vehicle. Watch their faces and actions. Was it easy for them?

Here is the link to the PCG Research report on eAutoAppraise that I mentioned in the video:

Filling In The Missing Pieces

I am committed to helping dealership managers learn the skills they need to lead their business in a digital age. Get on my advance notification list for my upcoming book written for dealership managers in a language wholesale nfl jerseys that they can understand.

The book will be released in January. I look forward to your feedback and helping you build the skills needed to hold your vendor partners accountable and to lead your team to greater success.

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